BatteryBar Pro for Windows

Power Management for Windows. Get it now, only $8.

Windows 11 Users:

In Windows 11, Microsoft removed the feature that allowed for toolbars in the taskbar.
To use BatteryBar in Windows 11, you must select "Floating" mode during installation.

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Don't worry about battery life. BatteryBar Pro.

Accurate battery

BatteryBar is a lightweight, powerful battery meter. It monitors your battery over time to calculate accurate estimates.

This battery meter
adjusts to your use.

Use it more, and it gets better. BatteryBar calculates your remaining battery power based on past performance.

BatteryBar Pro is
filled with features.

BatteryBar Pro has a power scheme switcher, graphs, warnings, and custom themes. Buy it now.

Highly configurable. BatteryBar is for everyone.

BatteryBar Pro: Perfect for you.

Adjust the battery meter's look and feel with comprehensive display preferences and custom themes. Trigger alerts alerts with warning levels, and let power-saving features keep your system running.

All this makes for a great value.

BatteryBar Pro costs only $8 for a lifetime license. This application will only get better with time, so start enjoying its ease of use today. Download the free basic version to try it out.

BatteryBar Pro

For only $8, you get one lifetime license for the feature-packed BatteryBar Pro. All updates come at no additional cost.

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BatteryBar: Free Basic Version

Get the free version of BatteryBar. This version lacks many features of BatteryBar Pro, but it's still accurate and useful.

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